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Key Features

Rapid Test Case Authoring & Exploratory Testing

Write those Stories, Scenarios, Use Case Flows or Test Cases by simply using the system you’re testing. WorX will capture in seconds what previously took hours to describe and build a brand new test case in Word or Excel for you automatically. Test Authoring and Exploratory Testing just got way easier ! Rapid Test Case Authoring

UAT & Regression Testing – No Migration Effort

WorX executes your existing Test Cases right where they are today. There’s no need to migrate them to a new tool or new location. Your existing content, logos, colours, and screenshots are all safe. Simply point WorX at your Word or Excel test case and Run ! Test Execution

Rapid Data Fetching

WorX can populate your tests with fresh data each time you execute. Simply point your test cases to .csv or .xlsx files, and WorX will do all the hard work – matching test case fields with data file columns automatically.  Rapid Data Fetching

Rapid Data Entry

WorX can enter your field data at lightning speed. Data values in your Test Cases can be fired directly into the system you are testing – saving you precious data entry time and eliminating keyboard errors forever. Use the super-smart Auto-Loading Clipboard, the magic Data Wand, or populate entire screens with a one-click Data Burst.  Rapid Data Entry

Smart Snapshots

Vibrant Snapshot features allow you to quickly capture, mark, and comment on application behaviours. An unlimited number of Screen Region, Selected Window, or Whole Screen snapshots may be added to any test case while Recording, Designing, or Executing your tests. Vibrant Snapshot Features

Powerful Image Scaling & Window Zooming options

Those tiny test case screenshots will be handled automatically for you by WorX. Ask WorX to resize images as they arrive, or pop out an image at any time with a single click to zoom to 100% or more. One Click to Scale those Images

Flexible Interface

A clever and flexible interface squeezes the most out of your precious screen space. Fade WorX over the top of the application you are testing, follow hyperlinks to important data during execution, or set up triggers that will display key information just when it’s needed x-ray vision to maximize screen space


WorX “embraces” your existing test assets… rather than trying to import or convert them. Configure WorX to display the information you want, where you want, and when you want. WorX will “lock on” to the stuff you already own – allowing you to get on with the job of testing.  Locking on to existing test assets is easy

Update tests On-the-fly

Adjust your test cases during execution then save those changes for future executions if you wish. Maintaining your current suite of manual tests has never been easier. It's easy to maintain your test suite on-the-fly during execution

Automatic Collation of Results

WorX automatically communicates all execution results back to your favourite Test Management system, so that metrics can be quickly drawn. Using Excel as a simple test management system to launch WorX

Integrated & Extendable

WorX will integrate with any testing platform that’s happy to talk – allowing you to leverage off your existing investments and infrastructure. Launching WorX from Tosca testsuite. Automated and Manual Testing all in one place.