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Productivity Improvements with WorX

What productivity gains can I expect with WorX?

  • Expect to Record, Design, Execute, and Review software tests 2 to 10 times faster
  • Expect a quick install, minimum configuration, NO Importing and NO Migration effort
  • Expect unparalleled authoring freedom
  • Expect to reduce data entry time by up to 99%
  • Expect to eliminate keyboard errors forever
  • Expect to catch, describe, & report on defects faster than ever before

What is the typical learning curve?

1 day.

Expect to be using WorX confidently by the end of the first day

Are training courses available?


We offer self-paced and also instructor-led courses as required.

Exploratory Testing

Can WorX create my test cases for me?


Select “Record” mode, then simply explore the system you are testing. WorX captures your interaction with the System Under Test and builds a new test case for you automatically. You might need to capture your actions to:

  • Rapidly assemble a new Test Suite for future regression testing purposes
  • Quickly describe various use case flows or user scenarios for the automation team to script up
  • Retrace the path to a defect
  • Prove what parts of the system you have tested
  • Assemble training or presentation materials

WorX will catch the arrival and departure of every window you interact with, add comments to go with those, and build a brand new test case in Word or Excel for you automatically. WorX will capture all of your mouse clicks, and allow you to catch & describe your keyboard activity as well.

Can I manually adjust the test case during recording?


WorX will take it’s hands off your test case the moment you put your own hands on – even during the recording sessions. You can make any change to the test case at any time – adding / deleting / copying test steps, inserting your own comments – even your own snapshots. You have complete authoring freedom in your Word and Excel test cases at all times.

Is it possible for WorX to ignore certain windows or applications?


A sophisticated recording engine allows you to include or exclude any window, group of windows, or application along the way, and of course WorX is clever enough to ignore all interaction with itself, and also the test case being assembled. This gives you complete freedom during the recording sessions to visit other necessary applications, answer email or use the calculator for instance, without those interactions being added to your test case.

Rapid Data Fetching

Can WorX fetch test data for me?


WorX can populate your tests with fresh data each time you execute. Simply point your test cases to .csv or .xlsx files, and WorX will populate your fields with new data each time you execute.

Can WorX track data that can only be used once?


WorX can be asked to fetch & reuse data rows randomly, or track and mark used rows so that they do not get reused.

What if field names in my Test Case are different to those in the data file?

It’s easy.

By default, WorX will match the fields in your Test Case to the columns in the data file, but you can easily override this to provide alternative mapping of your own.

What if values in my data file are not in the correct format for screen input?

No Problem.

WorX allows you to translate any value coming in from the data file to an alternative value before populating your test case.

For instance, a field in your data file might contain the value “2”, but the system you’re testing might require you to enter “February”. WorX can perform the translation for you to make life easy at run time.

You can set up as many translations as you like. WorX will translate the inbound values to the outbound replacements for you on-the-fly.

Rapid Data Entry

Can WorX enter data for me?


WorX will enter your data at lightning speed – eliminating keyboard errors and removing up to 99% of your data entry time. Three Rapid Data Entry modes are available:

Semi-Automated Clipboard

With a single click, WorX will load the clipboard with your selected field data. Simply paste this into the system you are testing. WorX will detect the paste operation then lock and load the next field for you – giving you non-stop “semi-automated” clipboard pasting capabilities.

Magic Data Wand

With the Data Wand, data in your test case appears at the mouse tip – one field at a time. Simply click the corresponding field in the system you are testing and WorX will fire the data through the keyboard and into the target field. WorX then locks and loads the next field for you – ready for firing. This is a super-quick way to enter data from your test case into any field at any time.

One-Click Data Burst

With Data Burst, WorX can populate multiple fields or entire screens in a fraction of a second.  Simply choose the starting field from your test case, then place your cursor in the corresponding field on screen, and click the [Data Burst] button. No more manual data entry !

Do I need to collect Technical Information about objects on screen for WorX to input my data?


WorX does not require any technical knowledge of the system you are testing, so you don’t need to collect any technical ID’s from the objects on screen or spend any time mapping fields in your test case to fields on screen. If you are able to “steer” the system you are testing using the keyboard, then so can WorX. This means that WorX can operate ANY version of ANY technology, ANY browser, or ANY application that can be operated with the keyboard. There are no technology or version constraints whatsoever.

What format does my input data need to be in?

Simple Word Tables or Excel Ranges that satisfy some minimum dimensions.

Can WorX input non-visible characters like the {F1}, {Up}, or {Shift} keys for instance?


WorX can input all of the visible and non-visible characters on your keyboard just like you can.

Types of Testing

What types of testing can WorX help me with?

Use WorX to dramatically and instantly improve any kind of manual testing…

  • Exploratory Testing
  • Context-Driven Testing
  • Agile Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Sociability Testing
  • Infrastructure Testing

Use WorX for…

  • Web Apps, Cross-Browser testing
  • Client Server Application testing
  • CRM,  SAP, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics testing
  • Mobile, Terminal, and other Device testing – where a live image of the device can be displayed on the desktop

Authoring Freedom in Word & Excel

What is a WorX Test Case?

A WorX Test Case is a Table in a Word Document or a Sheet in an Excel Workbook. A single Word document can therefore contain one or more test cases, and a workbook can contain a different test case on each sheet.

Should I put multiple test cases in a single Document or Workbook?

We recommend that only a single test case be placed in each Document or Workbook:

  • so that each can be worked on independently and simultaneously within the team
  • so that each can be executed independently and simultaneously within the team
  • to keep file sizes smaller which will deliver the best performance from Word & Excel

Are there any limits on the number of Test Cases, Columns, or Rows?


WorX can handle any number of Test Cases in a Word Document or Excel Spread Sheet, and you are free to use any number of rows and columns per test case.

Are there any restrictions on the format of my test data and test steps?


You are free to place any content in any Test Case cell. This might include:

  • a mixture of fonts and formatting
  • bulleted lists
  • images
  • hyperlinks
  • …whatever you already have in your word tables and excel sheets

Can different projects use different Test Case layouts?


WorX will move seamlessly between the formats – “locking on” and embracing the layout of the test case you are using at any moment. For instance, one project may use test cases with 5 columns in Word tables, whereas another might have 12 columns and use excel worksheets. Any test case may differ from any other. When test cases are sent to other departments, companies, or even countries, WorX, at the destination, will know precisely how to lock on and execute them.


What types of Snapshots are available?

5 Snapshot choices are available at all times:

  • Screen Region
  • Foreground Window
  • Selected Window (Select from a list of visible desktop windows)
  • Whole Screen (Single monitor or Entire Desktop)
  • Clipboard

You can add any number of Snapshots at any time while Recording, Designing, or Executing tests.

Can I take a snapshot on any monitor?


WorX has full visibility of the entire virtual desktop and in any configuration that you choose.

Can I add marks and comments to snapshots?


It’s easy to add marks and comments to your snapshots, and WorX can add date/time stamps also if you like.

Can I paste a WorX snapshot elsewhere?


When you capture a snapshot in WorX, it is sent immediately to the clipboard for you to use elsewhere if you like. If you add marks and comments to the snapshot, WorX will update the clipboard with those changes.

System Requirements

What are the system requirements?

  • Microsoft Windows:  7 or higher
  • Microsoft Word & Excel: 2007 or higher

Is there any other infrastructure required to run WorX?


Because WorX test cases are stored in Word documents and Excel Workbooks, no backend database or other infrastructure is required.

Do I need to migrate my test cases out of Word and Excel?


With WorX, there is no importing or migration effort whatsoever. WorX will “Lock on” to your existing test cases in their current location. Existing test cases stay in Word and Excel on the file system, and new test cases are assembled directly into Word & Excel using your favourite templates.